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          ABOUT US

          Jiaoda Rising Weinan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is loated in middle section of Jinhua Street,Economic & Technological Development Zone,Weinan City,Shaanxi Province,China, the registered capital is 2,380 million yuan. The existing staff of more than 37 skilled people, of whom 15 professional and technical personnel.

          Jiaoda Rising Weinan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd,a high-tech enterprise,is specializen in manufacturing Fumaric Acid food grade and its derivatives of food additives business. At present, our Fumaric Acid food grade, Fumaric Acid CWS and its salts,also Amino acid and its salts are in the leading position in China. Our products produced according to international standards such as FCC 9,USP36/NF27 or BP2007. ...

           Fumaric Acid
           Fumaric Acid CWS
           Monosodium fumarate
           Ferrous Fumarate
           Sodium fumarate    


          Address: The middle section of Jinhua street in the Jingkai District, Weinan city, Shaanxi
                           province, China
          Zip Code: 714000
          General Manager: Che Wanzhong +86-13992360862
          Tel: +86-913-2195485
          Fax: +86-913-2196628
          URL: http://www.gnfypy.cn
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